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Secure your online business is our main objective.

Our penetration testing session includes a full website security vulnerability scanning and penetration testing report. You will also receive detailed documentation and reports of our findings as part of the testing process which is provided to assist you in mitigating known website security vulnerabilities. Pentestco conducts all of our site security tests to the highest standard and follows the OWASP site penetration testing framework and guidelines. Our online penetration testing service is a highly useful service to a business that demands the very best in application security reassurance.

Pentestco penetration testing services are classified as black box penetration testing. Often also called external penetration testing, it audits the target from an outsiders perspective, with no prior knowledge of the system, and is the most preferred type of test. It works within a set framework and it is straightforward to request:


Register Website

Customers have to register the website they want to audit.
They must be the owner or have permission to request a penetration testing session on these websites. Pentestco put in place multiple ways to verify the ownership of each register websites


Penetration Testing

Verified website will be tested using the latest and most sophisticated and advanced OWASP penetration testing tools and techniques.
Our online security engineers team test your site against the most common and advanced web attacks to find any security vulnerability.



A fully detailed report is generated with the data collected during the penetration testing session, containing all security vulnerabilities identified and described in details.
An accurate and practical solution based on OWASP standard is provided to amend all securities issues.


Fix & Play Again

After fixing all found security vulnerabilities listed in the report following the recommended actions, another penetration testing session can be requested to verify the security patches put in place work as expected.
This second session is not included.


Costs of a penetration testing can vary considerably depending on the project size. A pen test works on a per IP basis.

One free Bronze penetration testing session is included for all websites customers register at Pentestco.com.
Customers can request as many Silver penetration testing sessions as they want.
Pentestco does not charge any fee, just the pen testing session cost.



(*) The penetration testing report provided for FREE is a limited version created from a vulnerability scan only.
Pentestco accepts payments by PayPal


Customers who trust us


Secure your online business is our main objective.

Pentestco is a highly driven security consultancy with a keen interest in all aspects of the online security sector. Our team is a skilled penetration testing group who will provide your business with an in-depth security vulnerability assessment of your websites. Providing accurate reports that help businesses secure their online presence is our objective.
Pentestco offers external independent and high-quality security website penetration testing services for all sized companies across the world who want to their websites tested against the latest security vulnerabilities and protect their online business and customers against fraudulent hacker activities. Pentestco provides comprehensive website penetration testing services; each audit involves a highly complex website security testing procedure that will identify and attack known weaknesses in web applications.

  • Pentestco improves penetration testing services for customers

    March 2015
    Our Humble Beginnings

    An idea was born after some time watching what other pen testing services providers offer and how they do. We realized we could offer better and more affordable service.

  • Pentestco idea becomes a reality

    February 2016
    The idea takes shape

    Our team starts to design and development. Pentestco is taking shape.

  • Pentestco starts running pen testing and vulnerability scanning services

    June 2017
    Pentestco starts its way

    Once ready for business, Pentestco starts providing penetration testing services to small, medium and big companies all around the world.

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    of our


    Working hard as usual

    At Pentestco, we are constantly updating ourselves and improving to be prepared for the most challenging online security threads

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